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We’re on a mission to become more climate conscious at Rose Street Garden.


This year we have implemented several environmentally friendly practices

including reducing single use plastics with an aim to eliminating these entirely in future, adding plant based options to 

our menu for the first time, and using more energy-efficient equipment.

By making these changes we aim to minimise our carbon footprint and 

promote sustainable practices.  We are committed to continuing our efforts

to become more environmentally responsible and hope to inspire others

to do the same.


This year our nominated charity partner is the amazing Cool Earth

Cool Earth is a UK-based charity that aims to combat climate change by protecting rainforests and the indigenous people who depend on them. The charity works directly with communities to empower them to protect their forests, which in turn helps to reduce carbon emissions and preserve biodiversity. By providing training and resources, Cool Earth enables communities to earn a living from sustainable activities that don't involve deforestation. The charity has already protected over a million acres of rainforest and has had a significant impact on reducing carbon emissions. By supporting Cool Earth, individuals and companies can make a tangible contribution to the fight against climate change and help to safeguard some of the most important ecosystems on the planet.

Over the next five months we aim to raise money to support this great charity in various different ways and your support would be very much appreciated.

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